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Today, the relaxed downtown vibe offers a welcome alternative to the surrounding high-density urban mega centres.

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Port Moody’s location in the lower mainland has always been a focal point. In the mid-19th century it was made the western terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Much has changed since then, but Port Moody still retains the small city charm and gorgeous natural setting that greeted early settlers.

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A Focus on Local

The bakery brewery
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  • Q: Tell us about the Bakery

    A: We are a local Port Moody microbrewery and tasting room, entirely community based. We specialize in small batch experimental beers which we serve on rotating tap selection in our tasting room. The name Bakery comes from the fact that there previously was a bakery in this space and we feel there are similarities to baking and brewing.

    Q: What’s your perspective on Port Moody?

    A: I live here and have chosen to raise my family here. It is a great, diverse community with a relaxed small town vibe. You’re always running into people you know here, and it’s super easy to get around. There is a lot of young people choosing to start and raise their families here. It’s going through exciting growth and changes with many interesting and creative people choosing to anchor their lives here. The Skytrain has been an excellent addition in terms of connectivity, and there’s such a wonderful connection to the mountains and the water.

    Q: How have you found doing business here?

    A: Port Moody is definitely experiencing growth. I think there was a time when Port Moody was viewed as a boring suburb, but that is no longer the case. It’s skewing younger. There’s a nice combination of affordability and new amenities. It’s a destination now, both for visitors and businesses to lay down roots. I love how it offers a broad demographic profile of customers, and we’ve seen the business community respond in kind with creative new business ideas and events.

  • Q: How has the changing profile of Port Moody helped you succeed?

    A: The presence of a collective of creative business people has helped us create a supportive and proactive community. Brewers Row, which we are one of 5 breweries, is a good example of businesses working together to succeed. More and more people from all over Metro Vancouver are considering Brewers Row as a tourist destination, which is good for business. And because the area has so much to offer people are combining their activities; it’s not unusual to see a group of people who just enjoyed a day on the water, or a day mountain biking coming into the brewery.

    Q: How do you view the future for Port Moody

    A: I really see Port Moody continuing to evolve into a wonderful vibrant community. I think we will begin to see a food evolution as exciting new restaurants and cafes begin to emerge, places like Taps & Tacos. We have a city hall that is open to change and progressive with its zoning. As more young people and families choose to live here, we will begin to see increased amenity and access along the water and into the surrounding mountains. Ideas are percolating

“Port Moody is going through exciting growth and changes with many interesting and creative people choosing to anchor their lives here.”- TRENT SHUMAY, FOUNDER


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neighbourhood amenities

  3. PARK
  1. 1 Port Moody Arts Centre
    2 Port Moody Station Museum
    3 Port Moody Recreation Complex
    4 Port Moody City Hall
    5 Uptown Dawg
    6 Port Moody Police Department
    7 Eagle Ridge Hospital
    8 Noons Creek Hatchery
    9 Port Moody Firehall
    10 Port Moody Liquor Store
    11 City Centre Aquatic Complex
    12 Shoreline Trail
    13 Inlet Rowing Club
  2. 14 Newport Village
    15 Suter Brook Village
    16 Shoppers Drug Mart
    17 Coquitlam Centre
  3. 18 Port Moody Off-Leash Dog Park
    19 Rocky Point Park
    20 Inlet Park
    21 Corbeau Park
    22 Buntzen Lake
    23 Mundy Park
    24 Town Centre Park
  4. 25 Moody Middle
    26 Moody Elementary
    27 Moody Secondary
    28 Glenayre Elementary
    29 Banting Middle
    30 Dr. Charles Best Secondary
    31 Children of Integrity Montessori
  5. 32 Moody Centre Station
    33 Inlet Centre Station
    34 Coquitlam Central Station
    35 Lincoln Station
    36 Lafarge Lake-Douglas Station
  6. 37 Skoah
    38 Barre Fitness
    39 Kushala Yoga and Wellness
    40 Engineered Bodies
    41 Gravity Laboratory
    42 Club 16
  7. 43 Original’s Café Mexicano
    44 Rosa’s Cucino Italiana
    45 Starbucks
    46 Aroma Indian Restaurant
    47 The Burrard Public House
    48 Saint Street Grill
    49 Moody Ales
    50 The Bakery Brewing
    51 Parkside Brewery
    52 Yellow Dog Brewery
    53 Twin Sails Brewery
    54 The Boathouse Restaurant
    55 Pajo’s Fish & Chips
    56 Rocky Point Icecream
    57 Taps & Tacos
    58 Spacca Napoli
    59 Namoo Sushi
    60 Caffe Divano
    61 Gabi & Jules Bakery
    62 JJ Bean
    63 Browns Social House
    64 Freshii

Transit Anywhere

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Getting Around

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A 15 minute walk

Offers a world of possibilities, any time of day. So many unique experiences await you. Start the day with a coffee at Café Divano or an artisan treat from Gabi and Jules; celebrate the sunshine at Rocky Point Ice Cream; or end the day with a frosty beverage at Bakery Brewing, or an authentic Neopolitan meal at Spacca Napoli.

Easy Connection

Exploring and moving about by vehicle and transit are easy convenient options. Port Moody is incredibly well connected to major road networks accessing Greater Vancouver to the east and west. Transit options include the Evergreen Line and the Westcoast Express and various bus routes.

Explore and stay active

More than 35 per cent of Port Moody’s land is dedicated to green space. There is an abundance of pet-friendly hiking trails, and on-and-off road bicycle trails for everyone to enjoy. Get the heart racing with a mountain hike, or opt for a more leisurely outing with a relaxing walk in the woods. With so much accessible park space every option is available.

Get on the water

Water evokes calm, purity and clarity. The sight and smell of the ocean is a source of inspiration; an element that brings together the mind, body and soul. Here, getting on, in or around the water is a way of life. So much to see and do: kayak, paddleboard or sail, look out over Burrard Inlet from the pier or go for a relaxing walk along the Shoreline Trail.